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    It would be nice if your radios could talk to each other. An alternative method to Digital or Analog. “Single cycle data encoding method and apparatus” patents.com/us-5661758.html
    The great thing is you can go up to a higher base. Binary is limited. Humans can’t go much farther than base 10. I would love to have an interface that uses a base 1111.
    The two real problems are how fast can you count/reproduce the smallest change and how much time do you want to allow for the cycle.
    If you want to play with a symbol encoding method using timed known events. It really looks like different noise events on carrier wave cycles. Start with the highest frequency you can accurately track/reproduce and a lower free to use carrier frequency. Then based on the max symbols you want to use and known events that cause lag and allowing for carrier frequency identification time. A suitable frequency can be determined. A programmable wave generator could be used to create the signal. (I need a copy Please)
    Think of each symbol (0 thou a*27) as a key on a piano. A library of predetermined timed events/durations is imposed into the Carrier Wave/Ratio Basing event.
    Decode is by counting/comparing. Begin with the start of the Carrier Wave/Ratio Basing Event. Also with time until the event started and how long it lasted. Compare the answer to a library containing the symbols. Well I guess nowadays you could quite literally draw whatever you wanted the Cycle to look like on a chip or group of say 5 cycles of symbols (0-11).
    Ok brain starts to melt at this point.
    I hope this gets to you and you like it. Patents can be used for educational purposes’ (no money) and by the government.

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