HotFET Pre: J-FET audio preamplifier parameters and Q&A

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Most of these questions and answers are coming from discussions with friends. Hence the style.

Want to see the scope traces, square wave if possible
100KHz, 8V peak-to-peak at the input of the amplifier. Attenuator was set at -3dB.
Input signal connected to CH2 (blue). Output is shown on CH1 (yellow).
No load at the pre-amplifier's output:

Signal slopes magnified:

The amplifier's load was 4.7 kOhm there - conventional situation:

470 Ohm load connected to the output - preamp is heavily loaded:

Handling 47 Ohm load - extreme, unrealistic load:

Measured output impedance was around 180 Ohm.

Q: Where are all those Q&A;?
A: There is much more to tell and explain about HotFET-Pre(c). Thus more to come - stay tuned!

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