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Soldering MSOP 0.5 mm SMD case

MSOP = Micro-SOP | Micro Small Outline Package
SMD = Surface Mount Device [Wiki]

MSOP-10 on the adapter to DIP

[click on the pictures for the real close-up]

I have shared the main idea on this blog already: Simple way to solder a tiny SMD case. There I did solder SSOP-20 (0.6mm pitch).

Recently I bought 12-bit quad DAC chips from Microchip. These came in MSOP-10 (0.5mm pitch). Hence the new pictures about how to shoe the steel flea 🙂

Fixed and soldered with excess of solder

For some reason I could not find the magic flask with rosin diluted in spirits. Fortunately I recalled someone claiming the glycerin being a good flux, especially for the SMD reworks. Here is a (relatively expensive) source of glycerin coming from the local grocery 🙂

Glycerin - good flux for SMD reworks

The excess of solder had to be removed. Wick with flux works wonders. Just make sure the soldering iron is hot enough.

Solder suck wire applied

Still I found two pins (1 and 2) shorted after sucking all the excesses. I could not even see that shorting hair line. A light swipe with a sharp needle solved the issue.

The scale: MSOP-10 and a little match

Happy prototyping! 🙂


  1. Solo Pilot

    What did you do with the rest of the glycerin?

    • serge

      Actually, a bottle like this can last for quite some time: for whatever purpose – just a small drop of that magic fluid was required.

  2. Jeremy

    Where did you get your MSOP-10 to DIP adapter?

    • serge

      ebay was the answer. However that will require some research 😉 Try different sorting options and their advanced search features.

  3. Jeremy


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