Electronics with passion: amplifiers and power supplies, FET's and vacuum tubes..

Welcome to MyElectrons!

Author of MyElectrons - Serge Patrushin

It's been a while I started blogging on google's blogger. That blog about electronics and bits of software has outgrown its old rented apartments and deserves its own little house. Here it's landed.

I am passionate about electronics since my childhood, actually as early as I can remember myself I was dreaming about bulbs and batteries and motors, then experimenting with all that and beyond, breaking and repairing toys, later on - the radios and tapes and TV's, etc. During my life I've worked in most of the areas of electronics: from analog and audio to digital to micro-controllers and computers, from DC to radio. I also happened to become a "hard-core" 🙂 C++ developer (for quite some years of my life) and I enjoy freedom of Linux and the Internet. Perhaps the only field that I never fell in love was very high frequency. But who knows what comes next 😉

Should you find this blog interesting or have an idea you want to share with the World or discuss - be brave and leave a comment here, or simply drop me a note at : patrushin AT gmail.com

Sincerely yours,
- Serge Patrushin.


  1. terry

    Serge, thank you for a great site!, I am going to buil some of your projects.Best wishes, terry.

    • Сергей

      Hi Terry, thank you for your support! By the way, should you have any question – just give me a shout. Though on some days I am not turning computers on, once I get to the news – I’ll be happy to support my readers 😉
      – Serge.

  2. Bill Perry

    Very nice circuit. I will build it. Do you have an updated version?

    Where is your home – Kyiv?

    • serge

      Hi Bill,
      thanks for stopping by!
      BTW which circuit in particular were you referring to?

      I guess my writing accent is too harsh and evident 😉 Nevertheless I just hope it’s bearable to read and articles and schematics can still be of some value to others 🙂
      I am originally from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Currently living in Belgium…

  3. Roel

    Hi Serge,

    Great blog ! Your projects are very inspiring and i learned a lot from your clear descriptions.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and ideas.

    • serge

      Thank you, Roel, and welcome! 🙂
      I wish I dedicated more time to this blog, at least re-telling stories I publish on its Russian sibling.

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