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Month: February 2012

Web site backup and upload: rsync over sshfs (GoDaddy or other hosting with ssh access)

Other good people provided ideas for this solution: notbrainsurgery @ livejournal Robert @ softwarerevisions.blogspot.com For some reason GoDaddy jailed hosting does not provide rsync, while it allows ssh user sessions to the host. It's not obvious how to move big chunks of data without "resume" functionality. Even worse for backup needs... Here's one of possible solutions based on my own experience. I hope this post could help someone too :)

How did I discover and recover USB key disk geometry (on Linux)

It's relatively easy to screw the partition table on a USB key. I happened to have a quality 16GB USB key that got it all wrong (due to some of my experiments in the past :) - it was presenting itself as 250G drive. fdisk, sfdisk and hdparm all showed wrong disc geometry. I'd be happy to possess a little jewelry of 250GB, but I am afraid we'll have to wait a year or two for these to come. Sure I'd have problems should I try to use it as is for anything...Getting it all right turned out to be very simple - once I found what to do.

High Current LDO Linear Voltage Regulator – the sequel

[Читать на русском]

The previous article about a nearly ideal LDO regulator gained quite some interest amongst readers. Meanwhile I managed to build two "barrel" multi-purpose power supplies based on this LDO circuit.

Working Prototype

Casing was always the biggest doubt in my DIY projects. Here I resorted to nice and cheap stainless-steel cans from Ikea with covers cut from a 6mm thick MDF. Perfect solution... to be stuck behind the desk.
120W barrel power supply